Black History
Lloyd Albert Quaterman
Llyod Albert Quaterman and 6 other Black scientist worked on the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan project was the code name for the making of the Atomic Bomb.
Africa's contributions to the world are far greater than anyone can imagine, despite President Nixon's comment about blacks having very little contributions to civilization.
When liars and thieves control POWER there is never any fairness, we should all stand for righteousness and truthfulness, whether we’re white or black. 
Kemet means land of the Blacks, and not black dirt as stated by some historians
The present day Egypt is nothing more than the land of KEMET. There is no ancient Egypt.

Uncle Tom's Cabin
Uncle Tom's Cabin 
Editor of the Worlds best- known Black NewsPaper in the 1850's
Bill Pickett
1811 Slave Revolt
The Black Cowboys were the first Cowboys in the west.
White Slaves here in america?
King Tut Chair
Back of King Tut chair
King Tut Knife
Beethoven AKA "The Black Spaniard"
The Items below are from Kemet and not Egypt
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Rome  Colosseum was built by African people when Blacks ruled Rome
Historian Ashra Kwesi
Phone #  (214) 371 -0206
For Tours to Egypt and  Other parts of Africa call the above number
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John Hanson a  black man was the First President of the United States   (John Hanson is located: 5th person seated from the left, directly under the N in United on the 2 dollar bill)
First Black President           "John Hanson"
President Hanson is located on the back of the $2.00 Bill.  (John Hanson is located 5th person from the left, directly under the N in United)
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Uncle Ben's Rice / Sambo Ad & First man to reach the North Pole (M. Henson)
Uncle Ben's Rice
Domino Pizza used Sambo in one of there ads
First man to reach the North Pole
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Chruch carved into stone
Black History Carved in Stone
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 Black Kings & Queens of Africa (Thousands of years ago)
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If we, the African people don’t remember our great people of the past, who will?
How can a person consider themselves to be intelligent and don’t know anything about their past? 

Black Spaniard
The original Rosetta Stone Found in Africa
This was an African Symbol long before there was a country called Germany
Muhammad Ali
Baytovin The Black Spaniard
Booker T Washington
Jack Johnson
Jessie Owens
Mia Angelou
Martin Luther King Jr.
W.E.B. Du Bois
Collin Powell
Marcus Garvey
Sojourner Truth
Sugar Ray Robinson
Martin Luther King Jr & his supporters
Malcolm X
King of Ethiopia
Haile Selassie
Fredrick Douglas
Jomo Kenyatta
President of Kenya
George Washington Carver
South Carolina greatiest             (Joe Fraizer)
Berry Gordy
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This was suppose to be funny and degrading toward black people. In the  1940's there was nothing we could do about it but bite our lips and grin, and keep on going.
Glove over 3000 years old
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Charles Drew
Madom C.J. Walker
Madom C.J. Walker
George Williams
Granville T. Woods
Jan Matzeliger
Lewis Howard Latimer
Lewis Latimer
Shelby Davidson
Tom Molineaux
patrice lumumba                     Great African Leader
Nate Turner and wife being seperated by white slave owners
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Hidden Santuary in Ethiopia ( Lalibela Africa )
This church was built below ground, hiding from the invaders that destroyed every structure in sight. This church was cut from solid rock inside and out.
King of Ethiopia
The Kentucky first Derby riders were black
Buffalo Soldiers were a black division

The above picture is depicting a decision making process buy a group of African Men.  
This picture is proof that six brains work better then one.
Decision Making